Toronto Combi Rehabilitation
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Toronto Combi Rehabilitation

ProjectCombi Sewer & Stormwater Pipeline Rehabilitation
SystemsPremera T7 LF, Nukote PP300, Nukote ST-M

The city of Toronto initiated 20 pilot projects on combi sewer and stormwater pipes to evaluate Nukote Aegis Liners in July and December 2019. Concurrent product testing, carried out by an independent laboratory designated by the client, included product properties and parallel plate crush testing. The test results exceeded client's expectations and the City of Toronto Specification has been issued for use including Nukote Aegis or equivalent systems in all project relines.

ClientCity of Toronto
ManufacturerNukote Coating Systems
ContractorInfrastructure Coatings Corporation
ApplicatorInfrastructure Coatings Corporation
AreaTwo 36" Diameter Pipes 300-350 LF
LocationToronto, ON