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VDOT Culvert Rehabilitation

ProjectVDOT Culvert Rehabilitation, Afton VA

The client required a complete structural rehabilitation of a D-shaped Arched Culvert that was failing. Nukote provided structural design engineering to a local Virginia engineering firm that confirmed the structural capability of the liner system to relevant standards.

Nukote Metal Prime I @ 5 mils, Nukote PP300 @ min 4.26”, Nukote ST-M @ 120 mils as a topcoat on Nukote PP300. applied to a properly prepared substrate, in direct conjunction with the Project Specification. The installed system was certified to perform independently of the existing culvert, capable of carrying the roadway above independently.

The project involved spraying a structural liner inside of a deteriorated, galvanized corrugated steel culvert. Due to corrosion, the structural bearing capacity of the culvert had been compromised and an engineered solution to carry the load of vehicular traffic was needed. A solution that did not disrupt traffic and, simultaneously, minimized flow reduction was required. The chosen method of rehabilitation involved utilizing Nukote PP300 and Nukote ST-M to create a structural, composite liner.

Completion Date: October 2019

ClientVDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation)
ManufacturerNukote Coating Systems
ContractorAtlantic Industrial Coatings
ApplicatorAtlantic Industrial Coatings
Area50 ft of D-shaped culvert with 13’, 5” Span and 8’, 5” Rise (1700 ft2)
LocationAfton, VA