High Performance Coatings for Ballistics and Blast Mitigation

Nukote Polyureas can be sprayed on vehicles and structures to reduce damage from explosion and ballistic impacts. The collection of NUK MI coatings have specialized properties that include tough and extremely high elongation products and those with high tensile strength and low elongation. Nukote military coatings are manufactured and applied according to the quality, reliability, and other standards set by the United States Department of Defense.

Nukote provides a complete system of military coating solutions, from primers to mechanical and chemical resistance coatings, to topcoats for vehicles, aircraft carriers, buildings, and airplanes. Nukote Military coatings are utilized in various government, military, critical infrastructure, police, and personal protection applications.

Nukote Military coatings have reliable performance and can perform or operate flawlessly in hostile environments and conditions.

Nukote military coatings can withstand the effects of the chemical and biological weapons used against them.