The Nukote

NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL offers an expansive selection of innovative products, seamlessly delivering effective, lasting solutions. We design material formulas that have been expertly refined to meet the unique requirements of our clients and the local environment.

Our core products are focused on the primary platforms of elastomeric thick film polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrid combinations of these two chemistry platforms. This focus has led to the broadest range of high-pressure plural component elastomeric coatings available globally. In addition to elastomeric coatings, Nukote also offers high-performance ceramic metal-polymer coatings, nano quartz coatings, nano quartz adhesion promoters, primers, and colloidal silica molecular surface treatments and conditioners.

As the most advanced coating solution provided in the industry, we are your number-one resource for unparalleled innovation in product and application equipment technology.


Nukote Coating Systems’ Elastomerics is a portfolio of flexible protective barrier coatings.

Nukote Coating Systems’ Premera line of anti-corrosion products.


Nukote Coating Systems is a provider of applied robotics targeting the installation of barrier and structural liners.