Nukote HAR

Nukote HAR is the premium modified polyurea available for industrial applications in severe and demanding applications that require very high abrasion resistance, combined with hydrolytic stability, high impact as well as tear resistance.

Nukote HAR is a two-component, 100% solids, modified polyurea that significantly outperforms general polyurea elastomers traditionally used in mining and industrial applications. Nukote HAR is suitable in applications which require very high abrasion in dry or wet conditions for lining the plant, conveyors, vehicle, screens, processing vessels as well as transmission lines. Nukote HAR is a unique rapid curing, flexible, two component spray elastomer exhibiting high wear-resistance properties. This aromatic Polyurea Elastomer displays good chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance. Nukote HAR is suitable for application on steel, cement, GRP, FRP and other substrates in combination with suitable primer. This product outperforms 27% chrome iron in a slurry abrasion test and is highly recommended for applications in mineral and ore transportation to minimize hang and reduce carry back.

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