HLT Series


Nukote HLT® product formulations deliver a permanent, passive, colloidal gel barrier within the substrate, significantly reducing; moisture transmission, surface loss due to abrasion, surface dusting, and water permeation. These benefits are achieved by denying positive or negative pressure or osmotic moisture transmission.

The Nukote HLT® product line comes in a range of formulations designed to meet specific requirements, is applied in a single application, and leaves no surface residue. Nukote HLT® products can be used in conjunction with other Nukote elastomeric coatings to significantly reduce pinholes and expedite coating applications in wet climatic conditions.

Nukote HLT® products include formulations for use as stand-alone treatments on concrete and masonry substrates. This range of products is based on colloidal silica chemistry providing the benefits of reduced concrete moisture entrainment, improved concrete hardness and density, and reduction or elimination of negative pressure or osmosis conditions common to concrete substrates.