Nukote HT

The Nukote HT (High Tensile) series are high performance polyureas designed and developed to protect buried, exposed pipelines. It performs well as an anticorrosion protective liner in many industrial applications on steel, concrete, GRP, FRP and many other substrates.

Nukote HT is a two-component, 100% solids, pure polyurea that significantly outperforms coatings traditionally used in transmission lines and industrial applications used in conjunction with cathodic protection systems. Nukote HT has been successfully tested and applied from Alaska’s frozen tundra to Indonesia’s tropical jungle with outstanding results. Nukote HT is specifically formulated for application through NCSI-designed 360 RINGTECH® robotic pipe coating equipment as well as Nukote automated pipe lathes.

Nukote HTD is a modified version of Nukote HT suitable in applications requiring more flexural modulus, hardness and stiffness.

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