Premera Chemshield


Chemshield high-performance coatings with integrated micro-ceramic particles in the polymeric binder can be used for different fields of application. Chemshield products have superior chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and thermal resistance. These direct to substrate products provide the highest protection properties.

Nukote Chemshield is a plural component system composed of ceramics in a polymeric binder, providing excellent performance in corrosive, chemical, and abrasive environments, at ambient or elevated temperatures. This product is designed for industrial use at elevated temperatures and will maintain its physical properties under continued exposure at high constant temperature both in exposed as well as immersion conditions. It is resistant to all petroleum distillates, most solvents, diluted acids, diluted alkalis, sulfur fumes, acid fumes, distilled water, seawater, and wastewater in ambient or elevated temperatures. It is also suitable in cryogenic applications as well as suitable in applications requiring handling thermal cycling.